Puerto Vallarta: Beachfront Luxury for 3 to 8 Rental Guests 
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Location Counts
Actual Town of Puerto Vallarta verses Areas toward and beyond Puerto Vallarta's Airport  

In Puerto Vallarta, from beaches to mountains, you will be on cobblestone streets.  If you are not on cobblestones, you are not in Puerto Vallarta.  Most tourists who book trips to PV end up, usually unwittingly, to the north toward the airport on hotel row, at the Marina near the airport, or, even worse, in distant Nuevo Vallarta.  Visitors who stay at these out-of-town sites miss the joyous, magnificent Puerto Vallarta experience.  

The Real  Puerto Vallarta

Bracketed by beaches and mountains, Puerto Vallarta is a mid-sized town with an abundance of charm.  It has a variety of attractions and lots of restaurants that serve sumptous, flavorful meals.  Some of the settings are spectacular.  It is a favorite destination for Mexican tourists, and is populated by many who appreciate all that this tropical town has to offer. 

Almost every evening, festivities and gatherings of locals and tourists in the town center reflect this ambiance.  Easily, this spirit is seen on the Malecon, a two-mile walkway along the town’s waterfront and adjoining beach.

Areas Immediately South

Lush coastal mountains with special tourist attractions are five minutes to thirty minutes south of Puerto Vallarta.  Several secluded or picturesque beaches, which are accessible principally or only by boat, also are south.  In Puerto Vallarta, and in tropical areas to the south, you will have your most rewarding vacation experiences.


Molino de Agua's Perfect Spot in 
Puerto Vallarta's Zona Romantica 

With a pedestrian bridge over the river through town, the Malecon walkway extends southward to the beach and Puerto Vallarta's Romantic Zone.  The recently constructed, luxurious Residencias Molino de Agua condominiums are at the south end of this bridge -- at what many regard as the town's optimum spot.  Our location will add greatly to your vacation pleasures.  



Puerto Vallarta Old Town Condo Rentals:  To reserve a luxury condo with three private bedroom suites over the beach in the heart of the Romantic Zone in Old Town Puerto Vallarta, or to request more information, call Skip Everett at 510-414-9985 (Pacific Time) or email Skip@EnjoyNewPlaces.biz.  

For Puerto Vallarta family vacations, and for groups of 3 to 8, we offer luxury, privacy, and personal support services.  Ask for the entire fourth floor on the beach at Molino de Agua.