Puerto Vallarta: Beachfront Luxury for 3 to 8 Rental Guests 
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Puerto Vallarta Vacation Photos 

Whether seeking quiet areas or action, there is much here to enjoy. To help you have the most fun-filled Puerto Vallarta vacation, at no cost, our independent Concierge will assist with information, advice, and reservations. 

Puerto Vallarta Zona Romantica Condo Rental:  To reserve a luxury condo with three private bedroom suites over the beach in the heart of the Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta Old Town, or to request more information, call Skip Everett at 510-414-9985 (Pacific Time) or email Skip@EnjoyNewPlaces.biz. 

For Puerto Vallarta family vacations, and for groups of 3 to 8 friends, we offer luxury, privacy, and personal support services.  Ask for the Entire Fourth Floor on the Beach at the prestigious Residencias Molino de Agua.