Puerto Vallarta: Beachfront Luxury for 3 to 8 Rental Guests 
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Condo Comparisons 
Residencias Molino de Agua

All condos at Molino de Agua (a private, gated complex) are
impressive.  Differences among condos, however, are major in
terms of privacy, sleeping arrangements, ventilation, and views.

This Condo Comparison Chart will help you understand differences that 
otherwise cannot be perceived until one is on site.    

                                                              OTHER CONDOS

                                                           TOWER ONE CONDOS         AT MOLINO DE AGUA           


 1.  LOCATION IN COMPLEX               Directly over the beach            Behind other condos (but

                                                                                                        advertised usually as "beachfront") 


 2.  OCEAN VIEWS                            Expansive ocean views                        Partial ocean view

                                                                from all rooms                             from front room only            


 3.  PRIVATE ROOMS                    Three private bedroom suites        Two private bedroom suites

                                                        with beachfront balconies                 with no ocean views                                          


 4.  OTHER ROOMS ADVERTISED          None - all are private          Small, open room (missing wall) 

      AS A THIRD BEDROOM                bedrooms with attached              by the front door is often                                                                   bathrooms and balconies          advertised as "third bedroom"

 5.  TOTAL BALCONY                          130 feet of wrap-around                             38 feet of

                                                          balcony including 90 feet                   balcony with 12 feet

                                                         directly overlooking beach                       towards beach    


  6.  OCEAN BREEZES AND             Refreshing ocean breezes and            No ocean breezes or cross- 

       CROSS-VENTILATION              cross-ventilation in all rooms              ventilation in almost all

  7.  OCEAN BREEZES                  Soothing wave sounds -- all rooms             No wave sounds

  8.  SUNSET VIEWS                    Full sunsets viewed from all rooms         No setting sun views 

.  MASTER JACUZZI TUB VIEW           Overlooking ocean                        No overlook from tub              

10.  SLIDING GLASS DOORS               90 Feet of Glass Doors                    24 Feet of glass doors --
        OPEN TO VIEWS                        with 63 feet beachfront                          all toward side

  SOUNDS FROM TOWN CENTER                 None                                                Variable

12.  SENSE OF PRIVACY                   In front of all other condos -              All behind other condos
                                                           sense of nothing behind

   13.  DOUBLE ROCK WALLS                    Extra rock and sound                        No double rock walls 

        AND SOUND INSULATION               proofing in #301 only                   

14.  PREFERRED PARKING          #301 is the only rental with parking           Principally outside
       AND ACCESS                     15 feet of an elevator to condo front door       

   15.  MARKET VALUE                      $1.7MM based on sales and offers                $700k to $850k

       AND SQUARE FEET                          (3,678 square feet)                            (3,300 square feet)


  NOTE 1:   At Molino de Agua, Tower One condos 
have numbers ending in "01”.  The first level at Molino de Agua is a parking garage.  It is labeled "PB".  To find condo elevation, add one floor number to the beginning digit of the condo number.   Our beachfront condo, #301,  occupies the entire fourth floor of the front half of Tower One

NOTE 2:  Ninety percent of condos at Molino de Agua are interior.  Virtually all, however, are advertised in ways 
that make indistinguishable from condos in front (Tower One).