Puerto Vallarta: Beachfront Luxury for 3 to 8 Rental Guests 
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Optimum Beachfront Level
Fourth Floor Benefits


Wonders of a Tropical Paradise

Whales and dolphins swim in the ocean during winter months.  Large sea turtles lay eggs on our beach in the summers.  Flocks of pelicans cruise over the beach all day every day, and dive for fish in spectacular ways.  Tropical birds are busy all day. 

Palm trees and lush tropical plants fill in the shoreline scene at Molino de Agua...in the heart of Puerto Vallarta

This is a tropical paradise.  All can viewed optimally in a 3,678 sq. ft. vacation home that occupies the entire fourth floor on the beach. 

While town and mountains views are part of our 270-degree panorama, our expansive views of the beach and ocean provide the greatest pleasures.  From one tip to the other, all of Banderas Bay will be before you. 

Boat and People Watching

Fishing boats, tourist boats, and boats of all sorts cruise by throughout the day.  People are at the beach.  People stroll the Malecon, which is the walkway along the ocean and beach.  Daily, locals dress colorfully for one occasion or another.  This is life as it can and should be seen in Puerto Vallarta! 

Observing people walk below and watching boats cruise the shoreline is great fun. Together with the sea life, both add to vacation pleasures.  From our wrap-around balcony on the fourth floor level, you will get privacy and best possible viewing places. 

Cruise Ship Elevations

In front of Tower One at Molino de Agua, differences in vantage points are notable.  Condo ceilings are high.  Distances between floors thus are considerable. 

Up a couple of floors, and one starts looking over, or missing, rather than absorbing, the beauty and activities of our area.  Even higher up, some can get dizzy looking down from a balcony edge.
  The top of a building can be great in a city.  Extra heights, however, are not so helpful in a tropical beach setting that offers natural beauty and activities to enjoy. 

Imagine an observation deck on a large cruise ship, and you can appreciate all you can gain from a wrap-around balcony for the entire fourth floor of the front of Molino de Agua.

Up or Down - Best of Options

We have an elevator by our front door that leads to a lobby within a few feet of our private parking place, but can use stairs as well.  Four flights of stairs is a practical number for many.  With a little exercise, one can get down or up without any wait.    

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