Puerto Vallarta: Beachfront Luxury for 3 to 8 Rental Guests 
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Tower One Benefits  
Luxury on the Beachfront Side

Our luxury vacation home covers an entire floor on the beachfront side of Tower One.  Covering the full length of the building's ocean front, it differs from interior condos in location, layout, and ability to accommodate six to eight rental guests in privacy and comfort.

In all our rooms, and on our wrap-around balcony, you will enjoy sweeping views, refreshing breezes, sounds of waves, spectacular sunsets, and a sense of privacy.  

We occupy the entire fourth floor overlooking the beach.  Oceanfront, this is an optimum level.  It is high enough for privacy and low enough to enjoy all that nature and surroundings offer. 

In the top photo on the right, our condo can be seen in front with open sets of sliding glass doors.  Additional sets of glass doors, which are on the left side of the building, are out of view.  From this position in front, you will get be oblivious of all others in this luxury complex in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

Our ultra-spacious, living and dining room has 270 degree views of beach, ocean, river, town, and mountains.  All three of our private bedroom suites have beachfront balconies and ocean views.  Our master Jacuzzi tub and shower overlook the ocean.  Our vacation home is configured for eight guests.  

Two elevator doors serve us and one interior condo.  The first floor is a parking garage.  Our private parking space is by an elevator that opens next to our front door.

Interior Condo Diffrences

At Molino de Agua only condos on the beachfront side of Tower One have three private bedrooms with connecting bathrooms.  Interior condos have two private bedrooms, though virtually all are advertised as having three bedrooms.  

Bedrooms in interior condos overlook a street and other condos.  A small, open room next to the front door is advertised frequently as a third bedroom.  This "third bedroom" has three walls, lacks privacy, has no doors or windows, and does not have a connecting bathroom.  

A "Condo Comparisons" page lists fifteen differences between interior condos and condos in front of Tower One.